ULTRALIGHT RIB Aluminium 310
    Ref. : UL 310
    PVC Melher tech.valmex: Price (VAT included)* : 2190 euros
    PVC+Tube protection : Price (VAT included)* : 2 690,00 €
    Hypalon Orca Pennel & Flipo: Price (VAT included)* : 3190 euros
    Hypalon+Tube protection : Price (VAT included)* : 3690 euros

    *VAT Price does not include delivery costs (109 € for the UL310)

    Our aluminium semi-rigids are known for its light weight!

    The Ultra Light RIB range is available in six models made of thermo-welded PVC or glued hot PVC or available in Hypalon fabric.

    Very light, with a very pronounced V shape that provides stability and exceptional passing through the waves and navigation without water sprays. This specially designed hull supports shock and abrasion that can be caused by rocks, corals and sandy beach. Models 330 and 360 are equipped with a double front trunk to store your fuel tank.

    Incredibly robust and lightweight!



    • PVC welded seam
    • Anti corrosion treated aluminum hull
    • Marine paint powder used for aluminum
    • Front storage box integrated in each model
    • Double front storage box integrated for the 330 and 360 models
    • Lifting and towing U-bolts integrated in the hull
    • Anti-slip Eva pad covering entire deck
    • Ultra wide band chafing

    • Protection bow

    • Aluminum bench
    • Pump, Oars





    We pay great attention to the respect of the environment during the production of 3D Tender boats. We make sure to use non-polluting process , energy economic respecting the health of employees and users. The choice of raw materials is crucial since it allows to build very strong but also close to nature boats.



    The aluminum hull boats bring their strength while giving them an unbeatable advantage in terms of weight. These boats can be powered by small engines, cheaper, more fuel efficient, reducing their CO2 emissions.



    Aluminum is one of the only materials that can be recycled so without losing its unlimited qualities and properties .

    Powder coating 3D Tender chose to use powder paint. These powders are electrically charged and are sprayed onto the prepared surfaces before placing in the oven. The finish is impeccable, the painted surfaces are smooth and shiny.

    The powder paints bring considerable advan- tages compared to paintings conventional liquid: 

    • No volatile organic mixture
    • No solvent (no disk of the sun , pollution, etc ...)
    • No pollution, excess powder is easily collected by suction

    Time and curing temperature were significantly improved in order to reduce energy consumption of the process.



    • Adhesion of primer (BS EN 12206-1)
    • Thickness of coatings (ISO 2178)
    • Grip paint / support (ISO 2409 and ISO 4624) 
    • Accelerated UV (ISO 11507)
    • Accelerated salt spray (ISO 9227)
    • Resistance to impact (ISO 6272)



    • Mechanical properties (ISO 1421, ISO 4674 and ISO 2411 )
    • Assemblies Resistance to heat (ISO 6185) 
    • Sealed floats (ISO 6185)
    • Accelerated UV (ISO 4892) 
    Lenght (cm) 310
    Width (cm) 154
    Tube diameter 42
    Number of passengers 5
    Max.load 500 KG
    Total weight 34
    Number of airtight chambers 3
    Shaft Short
    Authorized max power  15 HP






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