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3Dtender blog
      • 11/08/2023
      • Everything you need to know about the aluminium tenders

      • To make the best choice according to your habits and your needs, we tell you every aspect of the Federlight and the Ultimate, two aluminium tenders with different applications, which we detail here.
      • Everything you need to know about the aluminium tenders
      • If a rigid floor for your tender is a key factor in your cruising plans, then you'll want to consider our semi-rigid tenders. In particular, you can choose between two models, the Federlight, successor to the Ultralight, and the Ultimate.

        The similarities

        The choice of a rigid-bottom tender can be based on several factors.
        Firstly, their performance at sea is very good, with good stability and manoeuvrability thanks to the design of their hulls and dimensionally balanced floats.*

        The structure of these boats is made of aluminum with a marine anti-corrosion treatment, a recyclable, resistant and very light material. For the float fabric, you can choose between PVC and hypalon, which the differences were explained in a previous article.

        They are also fully equipped for your escapades, including oars, an inflator, a bench and lifting rings for use on davits or platforms.
        You can also choose your semi-rigid dinghy with a protective tube cover, custom-made when your boat is built.

        NB: As the cover is custom-made, the choice of a cover must be made when ordering your dinghy.

        Ultimate by 3D Tender with a cover

        The differences

        The Federlight, the ultralight tender

        The Federlight's main asset is its lightness, which means less load on the carrier boat, facilitating all transport operations. The optional launch wheels can help you in this situation. The Federlight is an improved version of the well-known Ultralight. The new hull design ensures controlled handling and outstanding sea keeping.

        A lighter structure also means less motorization required, and therefore fuel savings to reach your cruising speed. Even if it doesn't have an integrated fuel tank, you can attach your own tank to its assigned slot, which has fasteners to avoid inconvenience and clear your deck plan.

        Federlight by 3D Tender

        The Ultimate, the practical tender

        For its part, the Ultimate has its own advantages, making it the practical dinghy of choice. 

        Its special feature is its double floor, covered with a non-slip EVA coating for passenger safety. This floor allows installation of a navigation console with remote control, and a seat. In addition, a fuel tank is incorporated on the boat, with a capacity ranging from 21L to 50L.

        Please note that with this comfort-enhancing equipment, the tender will have a greater weight, which must be taken into account

        Ultimate by 3D Tender

        To help you make the right choice, we've compared the main features of the two aluminium tenders.

        Comparative chart of the aluminium tenders by 3D Tender


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