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The 3Dtender quality


Semi-rigid, polyester hulls, aluminium hulls, demountable floors, ultra-light tenders with high-pressure inflatable bottoms - more than 100,000 boats delivered worldwide since the 3D TENDER brand started in 2007. Performance, comfort, durability and unbeatable price have always been the core values of the 3D TENDER brand.
3D TENDER's robust approach to design and construction gives recreational and commercial boat owners the confidence to go the extra mile and take on conditions that many others avoid.
The 3D TENDER range offers you an unrivalled choice of models with exceptional value for money on the market!

We pay great attention to the environment in the production of 3D Tender boats. We make sure to use non-polluting, energy-efficient processes that respect the health of employees and users. The choice of raw materials is crucial as it allows us to build boats that are very resistant but also close to nature.

Aluminium hulls give the boats their solidity while giving them an unbeatable advantage in terms of weight. These boats can therefore be propelled by small engines, which are cheaper and more economical in terms of fuel, reducing their CO2 emissions.

Aluminium is one of the few materials that can be recycled indefinitely without losing its qualities and properties.

3D Tender has chosen to use powder coatings. These powders are electrically charged and are sprayed onto the prepared surfaces before being put in the oven. The finish is flawless, the painted surfaces are smooth and shiny.
Powder coatings offer considerable advantages over conventional liquid paints:
- No volatile organic compounds
- No solvents (no risk of fire, pollution etc...)
- No pollution, excess powder is easily collected by vacuum

Curing times and temperatures have been significantly improved in order to reduce the energy consumption of the process.


3D Marine
520 route de Penety
Tél : 02 29 02 72 85

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